Dear Friend,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to get to know our brand, Savannah Friedkin.

I began creating jewelry as I was emerging from a time in my life when I felt broken. I put myself back together slowly, but with strength and appreciation for my own resilience. In doing so, I leaned on a principle that is central to my life and one I want to share: that change is possible and something beautiful can emerge from something broken.

I first looked to my values, including my passion for conservation, born from my love of nature. I wanted to join the conversation, and felt a desire to spark a dialogue, which led me to creating fine jewelry that is dedicated to minimizing impact on the planet and challenging industry norms.

In starting my own brand, I hope to design a high standard in sustainability and ethicality that I find inspiring, and that may inspire others, too.

As I started designing, the jewelry began to tell my story and the stories of women who inspire me the most.

These women have faced adversity, have been broken and bent, yet emerged even more magnificent. The resilience of women, and our power as both individuals and as a group, opened the floodgates to create collections that honor our unique histories.

These are fine jewelry pieces that celebrate our flaws, appreciate our low points, reveille in our triumphs, and encompass so many aspects of our lives that make us wholly one of a kind.

As a consumer, I craved a level of transparency and traceability. I want to design fine jewelry that carefully considers production, design, and consumption; one that is entrenched in mindfulness and awareness about the world around us. Together, we're not just choosing elegance; we're embracing a brighter, kinder future. Thank you for being an invaluable part of this journey.